Donnerstag, 20. März 2014

Princess Shoes

Hallo dear visitors, 

today it is like bewitched. Do you know also those days, when even nothing works just as planned? Actually, I have for you filmed such a nice video - and that moment it was ready to upload, it has disappeared in the depths of my computer. * sniff * 

But I will show you a beautiful photo of shoes, that I designed and made​​.

By the way, the shoes are made seamlessly, and how to do that, I'll show you soon in another new video! :)

True Princesses-felt slippers with glitter latex sole, 3D braids and crown, decorated with rhinestones and with needlefelted rose tendrils.

A real princess is longing for princess slippers! As a idea I found a picture of socks and had the vision of Rapunzel Sleeping Beauty Shoes. At the top of the head Schachenmayr Brazil is worked together with felting yarn to form the hair. The 3D braids are attached and then braided and the ends attached to the shoe, so they do not interfere with the running. For the necessary grip a latex sole with glitter makes. The rhinestones are glued on with hot glue. Of course the princesses can talk and are very bitchy and elegant and so had to serve a lot for role-playing games :) These shoes are size 28.

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